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Secret #1

Connecting your business to people.

Secret #2

Building a digital business empire.

Secret #3

Aquire a decent JOB.

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  • - How to build a successful tech startup
  • - Building a business model canvas.
  • - measure & communicate impacts to clients.
  • - How to invest in tech.
  • - How to test the product with customers.
  • - Improving your product
    - Building a product vision
    - Becoming an entreprenuer 
    - How entrepreneurs think up ideas
    -How entrepreneurs test /refine their ideas
    -How entrepreneurs assess the competition
    -How entrepreneurs talk to their customers
    -How entrepreneurs move from ideas to action.


-Building a sustainable executive team

-Managing your board

-Who needs to be on the team

-How to use company culture to retain talent

-Building a talent pipeline for rapid scaling

-Getting your team ready to scale

-Maintaining company culture as you scale

-Building your employer brand

-How to create a company culture

-How to select your advisors and mentors

-How to set up your Board

Operations & Finance

- How to prepare for your first investment

- How to manage relationships with investors

- What to include in your pitch deck

- Do you need investment?

- How to prepare for Series A

- Raising series B

- Partnering with large corporates

- Scaling the finance function

- Scaling your business to a new country

- Taking your brand to scale

- Calculating cost, price, and profit

- Financial statements: Profit, loss, and cash flow

- Thinking through equity and financial advice

- Managing your day to day finances

- Raising your first investment funds

- Choosing between grant, debt and equity funding

- Avoiding common mistakes in building your team

- Avoiding running out of cash

- Finding your early customers

- Choosing the right legal structure for your business

- Developing a compelling story about your idea

- Making sense of data through cohorts

- Converting customers using the funnel

- Capturing data for analytics

- Knowing what to measure




-How to do marketing on a budget

-How to use analytics for growth

-How to select your route to market

-How to get your first 100 users

-How to land your first client

-How to know everything about your customer

-How to grow your sales

-Setting your digital marketing goals

-Being first on Google search results

-Choosing what content to make

-Using newsletters as a marketing tool

-Mastering paid to advertise

-Getting your customers to do your marketing for you

-Planning your marketing

-Marketing better than your competitors

-Writing your marketing plan

-Calculating your marketing costs

-Learning how your customer's shop

-Setting realistic goals for marketing campaigns

-Understanding target customers for campaigns

-Using content to build a community of fans

-Driving customers to your products using SEO

-Choosing the right marketing tools

-Knowing where you stand with your customers

-Getting to know your customers

-Choosing between sales, marketing & sales

-Getting to grips with sales

-Creating post-purchase delight


-How to build a strong brand

-Keeping your brand strong as you grow

-Developing brand equity

-Understanding what makes a strong brand

-Building your communities

-Sharing your content

-Choosing a social media platform

-Making social media work for you

-Knowing when you're getting social media right

-Marketing your business with social media

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